Welcome to my world.  I will be your Queen, your Mistress, Your Addiction.  I will rule your world whilst rocking it!  

My place is sat on a throne and yours is grovelling at my feet.  I will be your life, your world, your everything.

I have a creative mind and a wickedly fun personality,  I am seductively beautiful with a body to die for and a wicked glint in my eye.  Now that I am in my 40’s I feel I am the prime of my life and that my power over men is at an all time high.

I Love all aspects of BDSM, the smell of leather mixed with anticipaton get me very excited indeed.  I have an over active imagination and a passion for fashion, a fetish for leather and latex and a deep level of interest and knowledge for the world of kink.  Combined with an extensive wardrobe and wigs to bring  My fantasies to life and if your a very good boy then yours too.  But if your a very naughty boy then be prepared to be severely punished.   I love nothing more than to see a naked man chained/strapped to my cross waiting to be flogged or whipped.  I enjoy nothing more than turning you from a big tough man into my little Sissy slut who loves cock.  I adore Sissy makeovers and many years in the fashion industry means I can turn you into a convincing woman if you so wished.  Or simply into a cock hungry slut!  I can’t wait to make you suck my 8” strap on until you gag, then I will strap you down nice and tight and fuck you hard.  You will not want me to stop….. this will serve as your training until you are ready to take a real cock and forced bi orgys are a favourite of mine…. I love nothing more than orchestrating depravity for my own amusement.

But remember I collect men like trinkets, if you are of use to me I will keep you around, if not I will cast you aside back into the gutter from which you came.  So be polite, be subservient and impress me.

Of course a great way to get my attention is to spoil me … You can send me a gift or tribute,  this can be done easily by sending me an amazon gift card to my email address, or perusing my Amazon wish list www.amazon.com/MsCharlotteRose.