Step into to my world. Come and kneel before me. Your true Queen. Your Mistress, Your Addiction.  I will rule your world and finally give your life meaning. 

I will captivate you with my beauty and seduce you with my mind. You will want to lick the sole of every shoe and boot I own just to please me. You will sacrifice everything for me…. To be near me….. To worship me…. you will be begging for my attention…. Compete to be my favourite… Even when I ignore you, You will thank me for it.

Let’s be abundantly clear of your place in life. It is at my feet. It is to do my bidding. To keep me happy. I’m not here to “date you” I’m not here to “please you”. Do not use my contact details to say “hi” I’m not interested nor do I care. My only interest is in what you can do for me and how are you going to add value and fun to my life. Freeloaders can leave now. If I don’t find you sincere in your approach or if you fail to follow booking procedures you will be ignored and BLOCKED.

Do you see that telephone number at the top of my website? That is not for you to use without permission. My first method of contact is always via email those whom ignore this request will be given one chance to correct themselves before being BLOCKED.

Before you contact me be sure to read the section and a contact.

Of course a great way to get my attention is to spoil me … You can send me a gift or tribute,  this can be done easily by Bacs 08-71-99 68782059 or by sending me an amazon or other gift cards to my email address MistressCharlotteRose@hotmail.com or you may perusing my Amazon wish list and send me a thoughtful gift at amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/MsCharlotteRose.  

And it is also wise to remember. Men are in abundance. You are not special and you really have very little to offer so if you are of use to me I will keep you around, if not I will cast you aside back into the gutter from which you came.  So be polite, be subservient and impress me.