My road to domination began a long time ago. From as far back as I can remember I have always demanded the upper hand, dominating the boys around me, manipulating them, getting them to do what I want, ruling them.  Ever since I was young I would have a queue of boys all waiting to fight and wrestle with me at lunch break (and we all know what they grew up to be)  As I grew, so did my reputation.  I have never let anyone get the better of me.  That queue of young men still there only this time quaking in fear as they asked for dates.  

Into adulthood I began experimenting and reading up on BDSM, which wasn’t easy in pre Internet days!

Being in charge comes as naturally as breathing, since I was tiny, I am bossy with a sharp tongue. I know exactly what’s good for you. Just put yourself in my safe hands

If you want to impress me, gain my attention, prove yourself worthy then you can by sending me a gift or tribute. For inspiration Chocolates and coffee are my can’t live withouts,  My favourite perfume is Black Opium,  I love Chanel/Clinique/Dior make up.  I am a size 8-10 dress size, 36c cup size and a size 7 in shoes. I love fine crafted leather and latex clothing. You can check out my Amazon Wish list /MsCharlotteRose Bacs details are on my contact page or on my twitter bio.

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