I have been dominating men (boys) for as long as I can remember, manipulating them, getting them to do what I want, ruling them.  When I was 8 or 9 years old there used to be a queue of boys all lined up to fight and wrestle with me at break times (and we all know what they grew up to be) I used to beat them all (lol).  By the time I hit my teens I was well known for beauty and my sharpe tongue.  I never let anyone get the better of me.  That queue of boys still there only this time quaking in fear as they asked for dates.  

This followed into adulthood where I began to explore my sexuality and dominate boyfriends and lovers and although I didn’t know it at the time I was becoming a lifestyle Domme.  It was around this time I first heard me being described as sexually aggressive…. I didn’t really understand back then what they meant nor why seemling grown men would seem so timid in my presence.   I’ve always had a relaxed attitude towards sex and a very high sex drive with a passion/obsession with the all thinks kinky I would say it’s my hobby, my first love, my all….  I have been told I can be a selfish lover (well my needs come above anyone else’s naturally) and I’m not about to change.  Having said that I am as good with my strap-on as you are with your cock and can bring you to orgasms within minutes.  So step into my world and give yourself to me…..

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