Slut gets Fucked

My little sissy slut gets fucked! 

My little slut arrives (we will call her Jessica) first I get her to shed her boy clothes and leave them in a pile by the door. 

Then I locked her pathetic micro cock, tightly in a cage. Next we play dress up, I do her make up,  fit a long blond wig,  we try on outfits together , just as we would if we were out shopping, We take selfies,  have girly fun, giggly fun, then when Jessica looks all pretty and perfect, ….. 

With a wicked glint in my eye ….. I bend her over my spanking bench …. and whisper in her ear..  “I’m going to fucking ruin you slut,  your little cock hungry whore.  I’m going to fuck you hard and your going to thank me for it” ….. I pull her panties down , just a little to the tops of her thighs.  Then I spank her bottom with my hand until it’s warm and glowing red. She squeals…. I take a leather paddle and give her another 20 strokes ….. she’s whimpering now…. 

Next I make her dance for me…. I film it…. laughing and jeering at her, telling her  what a dirty little whore she is … telling her that because she’s a slut that I’m going to teach her suck my cock…. 

I make her get down on her knees,  panties still pulled down.  I give her a little slap, stinging her cheek, I tell her that little sluts need to learn how to suck cock and that we are going to start her cock sucking training.  I have a dildo suctioned into a wall, I tell her to show me how she suck cock.  

I tell her she will be spanked if she doesn’t put enough effort in.

She hungrily gobbles the cock, slobbering and sucking as she gives it a sloppy blow job.

Whilst she is still on her knees and sucking the dildo,  I slap her cheek with my strap on.  She moves round and starts on my cock.  I instruct her on how I like my cock sucked …. I tell her “I will fuck her face until she gags” …. and smears that pretty lipstick of hers….. 

Next I will cuff her hands behind her back and strap a spreader bar to her ankles…. I push her face down into the  carpet with her ass high in the air ….. waiting …… wanting …… gagging for cock….. like the little slut she is dying to get fucked…… panties pulled down, legs pulled apart…. boi clit straining against its cage…. I spank her again for behaving like a slut and loving it….. this time with the back of a hairbrush, it’s stings and she winces. 

I’m feeling quite horny by now. So I  remove my panties which are soaking wet with my pussy juices…. I put them over her face, cutch over her nose and mouth so you smell my beautiful scent as I fuck her tight boi pussy.  As she says thank you MsCharlotteRose for every…long…. hard ….strokes…. She’s moaning in ecstasy.   I pull off the panties over her face and stuff them in her mouth, so she can taste my divine juices.  I fuck her hard until she is a sweaty, panting mess on my floor… 

I remover her shackles and tell her to pull her knickers up,  the fucking slut…. I send her into the bathroom with my strap on to clean it….. then like the little whore she is ….. I tell her to pick up her boy clothes and fuck off and I send her out into the night….. to which she replies “Thankyou MsCharlotteRose” 

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